Top 7 Most Powerful Techniques To Create Persuasive Facebook Ads

Currently, marketing is less about the stuff you make and more about how you advertise it. As a business owner, I am sure you might be running Facebook or google ads to double your sales, but hold on! there are still many entrepreneurs who get stuck on this question, “why are my Facebook ads not running?”, “what tips should I deploy to master the ad strategy?” and many more.

Here are the top 7 researched techniques that will boost your ad game!

1). Focus On Effective Targetting

When you advertise on Facebook, you have three options for targeting your ads: saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences. You can target specific hobbies, habits, economic status, regions, and other characteristics using saved audiences.

Using custom audiences, you may target people already familiar with your company, such as those on your customer list who have visited your website or engaged with your content. 

Lookalike audiences are another sort of crowd. However, producing them requires developing customized audiences that serve as your source audience. A lookalike audience is a cold audience since it comprises a target market that has never engaged with your company.


2). You might be lacking ad-creatives!

Making meaningful connections with your audience through creative advertising is one way to build brand recognition. A super creative advertisement will always make its way! There is a massive shift in online marketing techniques; the products you represent in your ads are ‘intangible,’ so they should look visually pleasing and attractive simultaneously. You may undergo carousel tests or video marketing to get the best results.


For example, the creatives of this brand, Nivea, should not go unnoticed; their face cream product beautifully represents the shape of a crescent moon, which shows their product best works at night time.

3). Discover Your Campaign

Your campaign objectives may alter as your company expands. To begin, you may wish to concentrate on increasing awareness and attracting new clients. 

· Brand Awareness: This objective will assist you in reaching the largest amount of individuals who are most likely to remember your advertisement.

· Traffic: Increase traffic to your preferred online destination. Send visitors to a specific location, such as your Facebook or Instagram store, website, or app.

· Leads: Messages, phone calls, and sign-ups can all be used to collect leads for your company or brand. 

· Reach: Your advertising’ impressions are optimized by the Reach objective as well. Facebook will display your adverts to as many members of your target demographics.  If you want to get as many people to see your ads as you can without anticipating that there will be a prompt reaction, you may use this objective.

· Engagement: Choose the Engagement objective if increasing engagement is your main purpose for your Facebook advertisements. Facebook will only display your ads to target audience members who are most likely to interact with them. For instance: Page likes, Post engagement, prompt response via message or E-mails etc.


campaign objectives
campaign objectives

4). Keep your call-to-action crisp and clear:

A call-to-action ad promotes the call-to-action click on your page. The click encourages users to do something crucial for your business, such as making appointments or Shopping on your website. Types of CTAs are:

Case 1 : You want people to contact you by Facebook Messenger or another method, such as email or phone.

CTA: Call Now, Contact Us, etc.

Case 2: Your business aim is to get customers to shop on your website.

CTA: Visit Special offers, Shop Now, etc.

5). Create an attractive ad-copy:

Advertisers on Facebook frequently focus on the visual creative—the video or image, but ad copy is vital. If your ad has good pictures but weak text, you’re missing out on a large chunk of your market that is more likely to read your ad. Ensure your ad copy matches your visual content.

6). Regular testing- a must:

Ad testing is the practice of displaying several advertisements to a sample of your target demographic and collecting feedback on them. You may perform ad tests on a complete ad or key elements of it and collect feedback on everything from how noticeable the ad is to how credible people find it. Choose the ad you want to test and


 Send your survey to users who match your target group, and then evaluate the results to choose the ideal ad.

testing facebook ad and login credentials

7). Content is King!

Last but not least, people often take content for granted; they overwrite or ignore the importance of mind-triggering keywords.

For example, power words like best, researched, and analyzed, will subconsciously trigger your mind and persuade you to proceed with your ad.

Content generated for paid advertising channels refers to as content advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC), paid social media, and sponsored placement are some examples of paid advertising methods.

Emphasize more on quality content, keep a check on competitors and then design your campaign accordingly.


Do consider the above techniques to strengthen your ad strategy!

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