Digital Marketing: Latest trends you should know!

Digital marketing is getting complicated with each passing year. The introduction of digital technologies has upended age-old marketing and advertising practices. In a multichannel environment, digital marketing technology is increasingly required for finding, attracting, and retaining customers. Around the beginning of every year, there is always a lot of interest in marketing innovation and digital marketing trends.  Understanding the causes of these patterns will help you be more strategic in how you use your current tactics. Let’s have a close look at these evolving trends

What Are The Current Issues, Opportunities, And MarTech Solutions In Digital Marketing?

1). The Metaverse

Brands are adapting their digital marketing strategies to the metaverse. To remain relevant to Gen Z consumers, who are thought to be the metaverse’s most loyal supportersIn the metaverse, Gen Z users socialize twice as frequently as they do in the real world. The metaverse is an environment where people work, play, and interact in the virtual worlds of augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, and video.  

There is no doubt that the introduction of the metaverse will bring forth endless opportunities. 

The advantages of the metaverse in several elements of digital marketing are Social Media Marketing, online advertising, and branding. 

For example in the metaverse, you can buy a land, and your  avatar buyers and sellers can sell or purchase your products to give an overview of how your final business will function

Marketers will be able to test how long virtual items are held, how much space they take up in a user’s peripheral vision, and even where consumers glance when seeing an advertisement. 

Gaining knowledge about web 3.0 is going to benefit you alot!

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2). Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Before we step into the details of NFTs, it is essential to understand NFT at a basic level, NFT is an abbreviation for “non-fungible token.” An NFT is a digital asset that ties ownership to one-of-a-kind physical or digital things such as pieces of art, real estate, music, or films. In-game items like avatars, digital and analog collectibles, domain names, and event tickets are just a few examples of what NFTs can represent.


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Non-Fungible Tokens are clearly a valuable tool for digital marketers in the future. The capacity to track and assign ownership of digital assets, build a more transparent and secure system for marketing and advertising, and prevent fraudulent behavior are some of the advantages of adopting NFTs in digital marketing. 

They are also intended to increase and improve the digital advertising sector, saving marketers money, providing value to advertisers by enhancing efficiency, and reducing fraud by discouraging click spam. 

You should be aware of these digital assets to avoid being left behind.

3). Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling has gained popularity in recent years as a way to share your daily life with an audience using a variety of digital tools. It not only attracts the audience but makes you stand out by humanizing your brand. A narrative approach that shapes your brand’s story, identity, and values is what digital storytelling all about: connecting with your audience. 

When done well, it can stir emotions and encourage clients to interact with your brand. It enables people to grasp the perks of your product offerings and tickles their interest in learning more.

 Through digital storytelling, you can entice customers to buy your goods further and win their loyalty over time. All of which ultimately promote business expansion.

To make your brand come to life and set your company apart from the competition, introduce digital storytelling into your content marketing strategy.

4). Higher personalization

Customers unsubscribe from bulk emails while favoring personalized web pages over generic ones. Marketers are now adjusting the conversations and experiences they have with their target audiences based on their actions, pursuits, and preferences or they can see their name on the website when they log in. You should never just speak to your audience but engage with them in a conversation through personalizing your content.

By utilizing machine learning, you can create personalized communications that seem interesting to the receiver. Now it’s time to shift from generic content to personalized content as per your customer’s preference!

5). the less it is, the best it is

The internet is currently overflowed with blogs and articles. Simply put, users don’t have enough time, focus, or energy to read everything they see online. This explains why many websites have a very high bounce rate because they miss a very important ingredient in their content which is called “quality over quantity“.

Remember to ‘improve‘ your content rather than just ‘increase‘ your content. You have to provide maximum information in the minimum word count. This not only saves your viewer’s time but keeps their interest maintained while reading your blog post.

Therefore, the less your content is, the best it is!

6). Introducing Chatbots

Chatbots are expected to be one of the top digital marketing trends in 2022. Try more to have answer-based content which is preferred by the customers.

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The AI-based technology uses instant messaging to converse with clients and site visitors and is intended to connect with customers via written or oral means

Businesses may employ chatbots to connect with consumers. 

Because many people view the website simultaneously, it is essential to have technology that can respond to hundreds of users simultaneously. 

Chatbots provide 24-hour customer support, rapid responses to requests, and solutions to simple questions.

7). Video marketing

One of the challenges marketers have encountered in recent years has been displaying long-form texts on mobile phones since it becomes too complicated and time-consuming for customers to read them. However, a video may communicate the same information more effectively.

According to Seotribunal, a video on your website is 50 times more likely to produce organic search results than plain text.

What causes this to happen? Because users prefer video material, Google prioritizes such sites in its search results. However, generating one video after another is insufficient unless and until you add some customized special effects utilizing programs like VSCO, Canva, etc. 

That’s why the majority of the landing pages are using video marketing techniques using these programs. 

Hence, adapting to these trends is important to attain a first mover advantage that will help you establish your name, reputation, and brand image in the competitive market.

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