Marketing Strategy Examples By Walter White as Heisenberg

What if I say you can get some brilliant and top-notch marketing strategy examples from your favorite TV series Breaking Bad? The craze for Walter White as Heisenberg among the audience is not over yet. Because no matter what you say, you cannot ignore the fact that he was an OG in the meth-producing market.
For those who haven’t watched the series yet, don’t worry. I have your back. Therefore, just a short description, Breaking Bad is a crime drama TV series. Whose plot revolves around the lead character Walter White later known as Heisenberg, a chemistry teacher. At the start of the series, he gets diagnosed with lung cancer. Being a family man, White wants to ensure that his family can live a life without any financial crisis. So he enters the business of meth production. During the five seasons, you will see a drastic transformation of Walter White as Heisenberg.
Here are three Marketing strategy examples by Walter White as Heisenberg in the Breaking Bad series that can help you grow your business.

1. "Great companies are built on great products" -Elon Musk.

Walter White made this statement true, as you’ll see later in the series how he built Heisenberg a brand by producing crystal meth, which was 99.1% pure. His meth was pure and had the color BLUE. The blue color of his meth became a sign of purity and originality among the drug dealers.

This is how you should consider producing products for your business.  Quality should be the utmost priority of a business. A consumer should look up to your product as an ideal before buying a product.  A good product always sells itself if it’s quality is not compromised.  You don’t need to advertise, if it is of the best quality.

At the start of the series, Walter told Jesse Pinkman, “You and I will not make garbage.  We will produce a chemically pure and stable product that performs as advertised”. From this statement only, you can tell he is not focused on manipulating his audience with fake advertising. Instead, he invested his knowledge and time in making pure Methamphetamine.

2."Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people" -Steve Jobs.

Walter and Jesse’s partnership in the Breaking Bad series is a treat to the audience. Many incidents in the series confuse us about the relationship between Walt and Jesse. Whether they care for each other, or it’s just Walt using Jesse for his greed? However, when it comes to partnership in business, you all will agree that Walter White as Heisenberg would not be possible without Jessie as he was himself a drug addict and has connections with drug dealers. Walt was clear about making Jessie his partner in the” Pilot” episode of season 1 as he said to Jesse, “But you know the business…and I know the chemistry”. 

Knowing your weakness and areas you lack is one of the marketing strategy examples you can learn from Walter White to grow your business, and it is what many business people lack. One cannot be a perfectionist in every field or area but can find a partner who might be the one with that skill you lack.

3."I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really -- I was alive."-Walter White.

Apart from all illegal businesses and meth production Walt did as Heisenberg was wrong. No excuse for that. However, we can still learn a lot from him. After serving as a chemistry teacher for 50 years, he found his passion and peace in being a chemist. But the irony was that he had only two years left due to lung cancer. How nostalgic is it? Walt felt alive when he was about to die.

You can learn from Walt to pursue your passion (not a drug mafia!), and you’ll never feel burdened, not even for a second. 

There are many marketing strategy examples you can take from Breaking Bad it’s just a matter of fact how you look up to it while watching. 

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